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Back in Okinawa which feels really good. It would be a lot better if I came home to a husband but he is due back on Friday so I really can't complain there.
Other areas I can. And will.
We had people staying at our house for the month Dono and I have been gone to watch our dog and cat. Dono is working in Holland right now. He had a guy at work that just recently got married but is waiting on paperwork from the ever slow Army to get out of the barracks and into housing with his new wife. It was a win-win. We had someone here to keep the animals company and they had a place to actually live together as a married couple.
What I came home to I never expected. I really did imagine I would need to do a little cleaning when I got home but what I walked into was a whole different ballgame. The house has basically gone to shit while I am gone and I dont think they have done anything since being here. The microwave is nasty, the living room carpet was disgusting, the accidents Kaba frequently has in the house when they are gone all day working were not picked up, and the tub was nasty. That I could have dealt with. I didnt have them stay here to clean my house but honestly I dont know how you live in that kind of filth.
To top off the messiness, right when they got here they broke a large pot in my driveway and the tree remains in the dirt with the pot broken around it. I'm truly amazed the tree is still alive. They also broke another pot of mine that I bought in Italy that has a smaller plant in it and it remains in pieces as does the elephant statue I had sitting outside who now doesnt have a trunk and a piece is missing from his head. They put it aside I guess so I wouldnt see it. I found two different piles of poop in my bedroom from the animals from god knows when. They used everything in my house without replacing it, including my bottled water, a brand new bottle of conditioner, my laundry detergent and I'm sure I will find more as time goes on. Today they went to stay at their new house they finally got and took my last roll of toilet paper out of the holder in the bathroom. Who does that?! first of all not replacing the toilet paper you used but taking the LAST roll and leaving me with nothing?! I was baffled by that.
I couldnt be happier to see them leave today. I realize they did us a favor but we also did them a favor and I think most people in a civilized society would clean up after themselves and leave the house as they came into it in someone else's house.
Seriously, I have people stay here all time with couchsurfing and people visiting and I have never in my life seen someone so selfish and rude.
I'm baffled. At first I was a little irritated to come home after flying for so long with no sleep to a messy house but every few hours I find something new and its no longer irritation, its turning into anger now.
Who takes the last roll of toilet paper in someone else's house?! Seriously.
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I'm one week post op for my breast augmentation. I'm really happy with them. The Dr. did a great job and even though I could do without some of the pain I feel good for one week after. I went from an 34AA to a 34C and am happy with the size. Had it been fully my choice, I would have gone a tad bigger but he would not go any bigger than 350cc which is pretty amazing considering. Most doctors seem to go a lot bigger than that but he likes to keep the natural look. They do look like a natural size. I still feel like they are up to my neck since they havent dropped yet and wont for a little while but hey, fully perky is great, right? :) I need to take some photos to post. Another happy customer! :)
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Need to buy a gift for a friend? Need to add to your jewelry collection? Help a starving jewelry maker out! :) Really, tell me what you think of the website. I need feedback. And I need sales. Think I should drop prices? raise prices? Tell me what you think.

Buy Handmade
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Got a new iPhone for vday and LOVE it. It truly is amazing. My laptop took it's last breath a month ago and I haven't missed it that much. My new lappy came in the mail the other day but was broke on arrival so it's more waiting. Oh well. It's midterm week and I'm so ready for it to be over!! It's been tough this semester. I've studied more than I ever have before and I'm a nerd when it comes to school so that's saying a lot. I don't ever recommend Japanese and history at the same time. Though surprising to me, I spend 3 times the amount of study time for history than I do for Japanese. I'm so freaking ready for the weekend. Bottle O tequila here I come!!!!

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I really need to start venting on this again. To get it written down somewhere. This needs to be my outlet again. I've been having so much anxiety lately. Most of the time I don't really have a reason for it, it just kind of comes when it feels like. Today I feel it starting to creep in. Its all from a tick today.
I'm really creeped out right now. When I woke up this morning as I sat up I felt something fall away from my face or arm, not sure which one. Almost like an earring falling. I looked down on my pillow and it was a MASSIVE gray tick. Probably been sucking on my dog for an extended amount of time. I know of two others on her that I keep forgetting to tell Dono about. They creep me out so much and I can't even begin to pull one off of her. Thinking about them gives me a nauseating feeling that I can't shake for hours. EWWW!! Yes, I know I'm weird.
I have an appointment today for ADD medication. Both my husband and I are going today and I hope we both walk out with something to help us. On Christmas Eve, I have another appointment for anxiety and I really wish the two appointments were switched. Right now getting something for anxiety is overwhelming the need for ADD medication. But its not far away and I'm sure I can deal for another week.

I want to go back to bed but I'm creeped out another tick will feel like taking a walk on me. At least, never here have they latched on to one of us humans. I guess they like the dog blood better. Still creeps me out.
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Gosh, I swear I'm on here often reading my friends pages but I never update mine. (I do believe I start every post like this)

Life has been amazing and busy and crazy. The most exciting thing in my life right now: I called yesterday to set up the appointment for the breast augmentation in May and I put $500 down. I guess its pretty set in stone now and I'm crazy excited and crazy scared.

As I do just about every month, I've started a new hobby. Jewelry. Its definitely an unusual style but its mostly using shells, sea glass, and coral that I find around on the beach. Somewhat of a tribute to this amazing island. I got a Dremel and learning by trial and error about what I can drill through. I'm still sewing and doing the photography but both are kind of on the back burner (knitting is barely even thought about these days though I have TONS of yarn) as I learn this new trade. It should be interesting when the silver chains and accessories arrive in the mail. Again, trial and error.

I have a wedding to photograph in two weeks and I'm quite nervous. I've always sworn against weddings but its a semi-friend and I said yes. Hey, It might be something I fall head over heels for...haha, that is not happening. I have a family photo shoot in a month and it feels good to be getting back into it. The only thing I've done in the last 6 months is a Welcome Home Photo Shoot with a family greeting Dad back from Iraq. That was hard with all the candids and insanely bright sun but good practice for the wedding. I don't even think I'm getting paid to do this wedding, grr. I'm way too nice. If it was a close friend, I would do it for free no problem but a semi-friend...We havent actually talked about money yet but I'm hoping to set up a meeting and finalize and maybe then I will have the balls to ask for something.

I'm back in school though nothing too time consuming or mind consuming. Its a stupid required one credit class on research. January starts the time/mind consuming shit. I don't think I'm looking forward to that. I am, however, looking forward to having a degree in 20 years when I finally finish my college. I'm seriously on the 20 year track for graduation. We all have our aspirations, right?

Ciao for now,
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The only pictures I ever seem to take of my cat, Cleo, is her in small spaces. I see where the "let the cat out of the bag" saying came about. She is completely content hanging out in a closed box hiding from the world...

Oh the intricacies of cats...

And yes, that is a rock tumbler box....I can't wait to see what shiny smooth treasures await me after all that tumblin'.

Space Kitty!!
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I was riding my bike last night around the neighborhood because we didn't go to the gym. Usually a really enjoyable ride. Not last night. Right when I hit the convienent store (2 min from my house), a bug flew into my eye and decided to move in. It was quite painful. It took me a good 15 min in front of the mirror to get this guy out and I swear I had been stung because it hurt so bad. Today, it looks like I have pink eye and it's irritated and giving me a headache. I think its just a scratched cornea. Everything online doesn't have me alarmed and I really don't have the time to go to the doctor, so hopefully this should clear itself up soon. Do you think eye drops would help?

I could not sleep last night. I spent a good deal of the evening researching my upcoming breast augmentation and it had me really excited and nervous.

Yes! I'm finally getting a breast augmentation. Thats right, a boob job. I couldn't be happier but it's not going to be until May 09 when I can get home for the procedure. I'm coming back to ATL for a month which is good since I have seen my family for longer than 3 days in 2 years.

I'm so stoked. Though living overseas makes it that much more expensive. Not only am I looking at 5+ grand for the procedure, I'm also looking at $1600 for the plane ticket home and travel money for a month. (Not to mention all the new bras and shirts I HAVE to buy while I'm home) hehe

I've been wearing a 34 bra since I can remember. I remember purchasing a 32 but the cup size was too narrow. I was curious after everything I heard about people wearing the wrong sized bra so I measured myself last night. I'm actually have a 30" ribcage. A little off on the bra size there!
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I've been so busy with couch surfers (couchsurfing.com) staying at my house I haven't had time for much else. I'm getting out and seeing a ton of the island which is great but stay consistently tired. I've had three different groups pretty much back to back. I had a young guy from England who was very cool and hung out with the girls the whole time. After him, I had an amazing couple from Holland come. They were supposed to stay for a week but were having so much fun we convinced them to stay for two. We really clicked with Hanneke and Martijn and it was horribly sad to see them go. I dropped them off at the airport and waited around an hour or so for the next couple to arrive. They are from Sweden and are here right now. I don't know if I'm just incredibly tired, or Hanneke and Martijn are hard people to live up to, but we just arent connecting to this couple like the last two. They are only staying a short time and I'm kind of glad for that. I have a week break before the next guy arrives and it will be nice to have some chill time between tour guide trips.
In other news, I about lost all my hair the other day. I was lighting the grill for dinner and I paused after turning all the burners on and actually lighting it and when I did light it, I had a large fireball consume my face for a short time. I have singed bangs, eyelashes, and my whole left forearm hair is very short. It was a very traumatic experience and I doubt I will be lighting the grill anytime soon.
I need to put up pics soon from all my adventures lately. Its been nice to get out again and see so much. My two closest friends have been here less than 6 months so its been fun taking them around to different spots on the island. A lot of them its been years since I've been to so its nice to revisit.

We are off to the Keg Resturaunt. (It's a two-story building shaped like a giant oak barrel, spout included)
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Randomly need your help in LJ land. This is what I have but I can't get it to sound right. Help me re-word it to sound more professional.

"Offering on-site photo shoots on beaches all over the island, you will be able to always remember the gorgeous scenery this island provides."

Just got back from the Outer Banks, NC. It was such a fun week and we stayed at an AMAZING house. Couldn't ask for a better location. Also was able to check out Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Colonial Williamsburg. It was a 10 day trip but I felt like I was gone 4 weeks.
Kaba's in heat and hates me for putting diapers but looks so adorable in them. I have been thinking about breeding her but she is still so tiny, I'm still not sure. I would hate to put her through C-sections. She was 10 months yesterday so maybe she will grow a bit more. It would still be a few years down the road before we did it anyway.

Thats all I got. I have to make a quilt in a week, which usually is no problem, but I have a lot planned in the next week so I need to get working. I say "Blah" to motivation.
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